DarkAchilles’s posts
→okay...this is a test!
· yea that is veary kool make one for base…
Music Theory12-11-2006 · 09:05 PM
→Melancholy to Magic
· this is a cool poem if u put into a slow…
Lyrics Review11-21-2006 · 06:05 PM
→At The Party v2
· it is ok if u like that kind of music but…
Audio Review10-29-2006 · 08:21 PM
→Mud Rocks!!
· keep it up
Questions10-24-2006 · 01:01 PM
→funniest band names..
· there is a band name near me called dirty…
The Pit10-24-2006 · 12:41 PM
→Bandamp Theme Song
· cool i think a theme song is a great idea
Events10-24-2006 · 12:35 PM
→Zoo let out the lion
· good i like the song put it to a rock beat
Lyrics Review10-24-2006 · 11:28 AM

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